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Welcome to Aerostat Park, the home of Gigantica. We are currently in the design phase of the facility. Take a look at our preliminary artistic renditions. The following drawings show the general scope of the project, facility layout and the roofing system. The facility will be dynamic in its' abilities to entertain guests. The park is not necessary for start up of operations. It is an additional oportunity.

Aerostat Park

Aerostat Park is the permanent home of Gigantica and the location of Helium restaurant. The park's patriotic Colorado flag will welcome visitors from around the world. A haven for all who visit to relax and enjoy with free parking and cold drinks in the restaurant. Balloons have an aura of tranquility, the colors and fabric compliment the flora of a park setting. Balloons are often called the "gentle giants" due to their docile nature and omni presence. The mystical nature of the gentle giant will draw folks who are looking for a different pace to life.

Aerostat Park will encourage exploration through its many unique features; a playground for the children, built out of snow in the winter time, a history of ballooning museum for students to visit, an amphitheatre for concerts and lounging around, a restaurant for replenishing the body and catering to parties, reflecting pools with gold fish and fountains, local sculptures on display to tease the mind and a boutique for all the essentials. Not a blade of grass uncut and not a guest without a smile. The culmination of the two, a park and a balloon, will make for a first class facility, five stars all the way. Although the park will be commercial, visiting the park will be free to the public, only costing to ride in the balloon.



A couple of characters will rome the park leaving footprints to lead the way. From the land, the sea and the past, Giganticas mascots will be the biggest animals to have lived on our planet. An Elephant named Pilotre, a whale named Rozie and a t-rex named Aero. The mascots will teach about ballooning and be for sale in the boutique for $19.99. Their footprints will be on the ground, in the balloon and all over the brochures beckoning the children to come for a ride.




Gigantica needs protection when Colorado's extreme climate shows its face. A house built of glass will be the centerpiece of the park. The glass will allow for Gigantica to be on display even in the case of strong winds, the occasional hailstorm and other inclimate weather. The backdrop to evening concerts and reception parties, the house will be a one of kind showpiece. A smart winch and pulley system will move the balloon in and out of its domain.


Gigantica's house, 110' x 110'



The structure of the park will be functional in its design to help protect the Giant from winds. A grand entrance will welcome visitors to set the stage for an extraordinary experience. Concave and circular in shape, the park and its surrounding structures will protect the balloon from any sudden strong winds by disrupting the flow of air around the area. The design of the facility will form a natural amphitheatre lending itself to concerts and theatrical performances. A walking path around the perimeter full of mascot prints (What does a whale walk like?) will lead guests through the playgrounds, sculpture gardens and museum. All facets including the art will be kinetic to help bring the facility alive. The form and function of "Aerostat Park" is take visitors away from it all.



Master Plan

He nightclub & restaurant

The restaurant called Helium will have its own entrance on the property. The building will have an outside patio/ dance floor area and glass roofed dining hall. A medium priced facility so all can enjoy. Casual dining during the day, Helium can be transformed into a conference facility and a nightclub after dark.

For unique occasions, a specially designed tented system supported by the balloon is being designed. The tent will not be 100% waterproof but will provide ample shade and protection from the elements. The following set of drawings show both the inside and the outside of the park with the tenting system in place:

Outside view of Aerostat Park setup with tent supported by balloon for special functions or parties

Under the tent, showing front of He nightclub & restaurant and terraces for seating or booth setups



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